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Subscriptions offers simple and effective annual advertising subscriptions to help you fill your vacancies. Subscriptions last for one year, and are based on the number of properties you manage.

While your subscription is active, you can enter listings up to the maximum number for your subscription, and advertise them at any time, whether they are available now or months in advance. You can manage your listings 24/7, deactivate listings to remove them from the search results, or delete listings you no longer manage. You can upgrade or extend your subscription at any time.

When you sign up for an account you will ALSO get our CUSTOMER SUPPORT TEAM. It is next to impossible to reach customer support on automated classified websites. Who would you call at Craigslist? Our company specializes in advertising rental properties. We are here to help. Help you advertise, quickly and efficiently, so that you can rent your property. If you have a question contact our customer support department with an email or phone call and we´ll get back to you in a timely fashion.

Available Subscriptions

At the current time, we offer the following annual subscriptions on

$45.00 / year
1 Listing Subscription
$59.99 / year
5 Listing Subscription
$99.99 / year
10 Listing Subscription
$149.99 / year
30 Listing Subscription
$199.99 / year
Unlimited Listing Subscription

Before you can purchase our services, you need an account on

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